Resume Page: Learn About Doctor Irving's History and His Trainer Bobby Manheim

Dr. Irving, M.D.

prime8 [at]

Goodwill Ambassador


Dr. Irving is the world's only primate nationally known for his therapy with kids and adults with special needs. He is the "Ultimate People & Media Magnet" with over sixteen years experience promoting and representing corporate and educational sponsors, programs and services promoting character education, a positive attitude, and unconditional love.


Clients and sponsors have included: Star - 94 FM, The Fish - 104.7 FM, Home Bank, Kroger, Ingles, Mercury Marine, Sea Ray, Renaissance Pine Isle Resort, Pepsi, School Box Stores, DuPont Registry, Spangler Candy/Dum Dum Lollipops.

  • Key Marketing and Promotions representative for the Number 1 Top 40 Radio Station in Atlanta.
  • Star of the "Dr Irving Learning Is Fun School Tour" to over 60,000 students per year and appearing at more than 500 schools in the Metro Atlanta Area on behalf of his corporate sponsors.
  • Featured in promotional and educational handouts.
  • Celebrity host for national, regional, and local trade shows, movie premieres, concerts, sales remotes, auto and boat races, and other special events.
  • Has appeared on many network shows airing on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN/NFL Football Picks, and the Cartoon Network.
  • Drives and navigates a Porsche 993 and Sea Ray/Mercury powerboat
  • Able to demonstrate dental hygiene by properly using a toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Eats with fork or spoon
  • Drinks from a glass
  • Shaves with an electric razor
  • Catches and throws a Football or Baseball
  • Dresses for any occasion


  • Prime8 University Atlanta, GA. Board Certified M.D. "Monkey Doctor"
  • Licensure includes: U.S.D.A. #57-C-0035 GA. D.N.R.