Media and Press Page: Dr. Irving

Letters From Our Fans

Dear Bobby, Dr. Irving, and all of our friends ar Star 94, We, the staff, and especially the patients and their families wish to thank you so very much for your incredible visit on Thanksgiving!! Bobby exemplified the true meaning of Thanksgiving when he came in and gave so much of his time (And Dr. Irving's!) to our wonderful children and families. He brought so many smiles to so many people, I can't even begin to describe it. People such as Bobby and stations such as Star 94 are truly dedicated above and beyond the call of duty that is entailed in being just another radio station.

Debbie A.
Unit Secretary
Pediatric ICU
Egleston Children's Hospital

I cannot say enough about Bobby Manheim and Dr. Irving. This dynamic duo is the ultimate mesh between education and marketing. For several years now, I have seen Bobby and Dr. Irving energize a room full of school kids with words and actions, all the while displaying the Star 94 baner. You will not see a more professional repersentation for your station.

David Chandley,

I have personally heard the two of you give a presentation three times over the past few years. Each speech was unique, as you always tailor the content to your audience. The message for students is always positive, uplifiting, and optimistic.

Liliburn Middle School
Carol Loveless Counselor

The message he brings to the students is one that they need to hear. He encourages them to help and give of themselves to the kids with special needs. Also, he pleads with them to avoid confrontation and not be a bully... I have had the opportunity to see various speakers come to our school, but no one can match the magic of Bobby and Dr. Irving.

Lynn Chandley
Liliburn GA.

Students, faculty , and parents have not stopped raving about your visit to Our Lady of the Assumption! The children loved being able to see how gentle you are, and enjoyed hearing the messages you bring regarding drugs, bullying, problem solving, respect for others, etc. Numerous parents have stopped by the counselor's office to share the experiences and comments of their children about your visit. You are a great example for students of all ages.

Sandra Sandel
School Counselor

Last year I attended the Georgia Teen Institute Teen Summit and Mr. Bobby and Dr. Irving were the keynote speaker at one of the assemblies. I have attended I have attended this camp for three years and he was the only speaker that stuck in my mind. THe message that he sent out to the kids at the camp was very personal and I could tell that Mr. Bobby was very sincere in what he was saying.

Cathleen Cashion
South Gwinnett High School

Thank you for letting Dr. Irving come to visit us at the respite care center. All of the seniors were delighted to see a monkey and he was so entertaining! It was so wonderful to see the smiles on their faces... This is a wonderful and rewarding program that brings joy to so mmany and teaches compassion for others.

Marty Morris
Respite Care Director
First Baptist Church of Peachtree City.

The Children and adults were entertained and educated for the entire one and a half hour presentation. It can sometimes be difficult to maintain a captive audience at Twin Lakes considering how many different activities ther are, but you had no problem holding their attention and interest throughout the entire program. Once again your visit rnaked toward the top of the week's activities. The campers rated it a 4.8 on a scale of 1 - 5. The conselors rated it a 9.6 on a scale of 1 - 10. That's about as close to perfection as possible!

Kelli McGinnis,
Camp Director
Camp Horizon Roswell Ga.